• Welcome to my website. Here you will find an overview of all art projects that I have carried out since 1990. For more information you can of contact me by mail, call or you can follow me on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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    Taal / Language 

  • A global project about distance, equality and above all inequality. Based on an earlier project from 1991 updated in 2020 due to the Corona Pandemic.

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    The world around us is made up of elements. These benches refer to 3 of them: hydrogen (H), oxygen (O) and carbon (C). Together they make up about 76% of the universe. Connections with these elements play an important role in all cycles that make life on Earth possible.

    2022 Bergen op Zoom

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    The Overlaat (spillway) is part of the Vechtpark, calculated to flood once every fifty years at most. The artwork can also be used as an amphitheater during events and functions as a staircase to reach the park behind it from the floodplain.

    2016 25x25x5m concrete Hardenberg

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    Two object for the schoolyard, one for the older kids one for the younger kids.

    2005 495x495x100 cm - 300x300x100 cm Elst

  • This artwork is located on top of the foundations of Huys Hengelo, the origin of Hengelo. A number of times a day, water is pumped onto the island so that the relief slowly disappears under water, when it is completely full a valve opens and it empties so the old contours become visible again.

    2012 25 x 25 x 0,3 m natural stone Hengelo

  • This is a modern version of a Maurits tower as it was used in the dutch 80-year war.

    2019 300x300x600 cm steel/oak Bemmel

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    When designing Oranjeplein, the architect quite literally devised a Viking ship on the square. This design refers to this, but also to the Carolingian castle for which Oost Souburg is known. (a circular earth wall from the time of the Vikings)

    2005 Oost Souburg

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    2002 150x150x500 cm Oerol

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